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America's Victoria, Remembering Victoria Woodhull “If you spliced the genes of Hillary Clinton, Madonna, Heidi Fleiss and Margaret Thatcher, you might have someone like Victoria Woodhull.” – Atlanta Journal & Constitution

Interviews include Gloria Steinem. Kate Capshaw performs the voice over of Woodhull’s words.

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Special Thanks to:

Our small production team comprises of Executive Producer;  Victoria lynn Weston, the writer, director and producer of“America’s Victoria.” As founder of Zoie Films Festival, Victoria utilized the latest streaming technology to launch the first online film festival showcasing films from around the globe. She’s also a developer and distributor of mobile apps.  Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Victoria has been a interviewed by dozens of media outlets including; Atlanta Journal & Constitution, Atlanta PARADE magazine,  ABC Talk Radio, CNBC, BUSINESS WEEK Online, Wired News and ABC’s NIGHTLINE.

Associate Producer, Lorraine LoBianco has been a longtime writer for Turner Classic Movies, as well as an executive at Fox Movie Channel and ION Television. She also has extensive experience developing mobile apps. In addition, she is the editor of the British Film Institute-nominated “Letter-Jean Renoir.”

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